Four people. One team. A publishing and reading platform designed for teams of 4 people to compose, curate and encourage opinion.

The Revolution of Words

Our mission is to bring language back to the forefront of people's imagination and build a place where the written word is boss.

Our goal is to build a place that feels like a personal experience you might have in the real world. Much like a small dinner party, friends discussing topics at a pub, sitting on a blanket in the summer together. A place where you can hear each other, exchange suggestions, inspire discussion and ultimately collaborate together.

Fourpio is based on the experience being ‘all about us’. There are a number of places you can go to express yourself individually but we believe the value of collaborated, team-centric opinion is a powerful new tool in what can sometimes become a noisy world. Fourpio is a place you can go to read and write where you're not bombarded with egocentric content. Our platform is focussed on delivering value in the form of collaborated opinion written by small teams.

Four People. One Team.

Inspiration Strikes,
Start writing.

Get the team involved.
Curate, compose and
encourage the opinion.

When ready,
post the opinion
to the front page.


We are launching Fourpio on the 5th November to a limited number of teams and people.

At the moment we would ask you to sign up and register your email address so we can invite you to the community. Following on from that we will open up the platform so you can create your Fourpio team, start writing, discovering and connecting with opinion on the platform.

Considering the nature of Fourpio and our focus on the importance of small teams, we have decided to launch to the startup community at the beginning. Having been involved in startups previously, we're confident in the value and quality of opinion this decision will create.

We're totally grateful of your interest in our work and will of course respect your details and your feedback.

Feel free to contact us directly